Lines wait times vs. WDW Wait app times

Hi Everyone,

As our departure day nears, I am getting down to some nitty-gritty questions. I have been comparing wait times on Lines and the WDW Wait app. The Lines times are much shorter. I am wondering about this discrepancy and if the actual wait times are somewhere in the middle of the two. I would love to think the Lines times are the accurate ones, because I have some really low wait times for our trip next week on our touring plan, but I don’t want to be too optimistic and then be frustrated by much longer wait times, Any thoughts or experience with comparing the two sources? Thanks!

I think the real time lines wait times our more accurate. Those are the ones people are entering. Disney will adjust wait times For crowd control - like saying soarin is 60 minute wait at 8:55 pm to discourage people getting in line right before closing.

Thanks! I hope Lines is more accurate - it paints a much rosier picture!

Just to be a “Debbie Downer”, on my last trip the MK Lines times were way off (by as much as 100%). The longer “official WDW” times were much closer to what I experienced. I’ve been told that the whole week I was there was an “anomaly”, but I am now very suspicious of wait times that “seem too good to be true”. I hope it was, but I’ve been evaluating other people’s plans, and when I see 6 min waits for Splash and BTMRR, an hour after RD on a CL 7 day, I get a bit suspicious…

I typically like to believe that Lines times are more accurate than those posted by Disney. I have personally seen posted times by Disney be nowhere close to actual waits. However, as I make plans for clients, I question some of the wait times I am seeing in two weeks. I am noticing supposed wait times and situations similar to what @bswan26 is stating. It does seem “to good to be true”, Hopefully, I am wrong.