Lines Touring Plans - Worried about the optimized plans

My head is spinning while customizing tours. (note that i dont frequent disney world). Should i be worried if it’s optimizing tour plans that arent using some of my fast pass times or in routes that seem somewhat differerent from the general book tours? Can I “trust” the software? Thanks!

No, you don’t need to worry about these things. If it is not using your FPP reservations, then that means that it was able to make a better overall plan without them. As far as variations from the standard plans, they are very generic in nature and are designed to work reasonably well no matter what the park conditions are, whereas your plan is customized to fit your specific attraction list and optimized for the predicted crowd conditions for that day.

thanks! - i needed a voice of reassurance. We don’t go to Disney and i dont want to mess it up :slight_smile:

The plan will probably work, but I’d suggest changing your fastpass times and/or attractions accordingly. No point in wasting fastpasses!

Forgot to mention, here are some tips for optimizing TPs with FPP reservations Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+