Lines plan for Avatar accurate?

We told the app we’d like to do flight of passage twice in addition to expedition Everest, kali river, dinosaur, etc. The app says to do flight of passage last on our plan, the first time with a wait of 92 min and the second time with a wait of 73 min. Does this seem right? I was expecting the app to suggest we ride first thing in the morning if those waits at the end are that long. Thoughts?

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The algorithm will be trying to minimise your overall wait time. Did you know you can set your plan to start 30 minutes earlier than the official opening time? That might change things.

However I suspect that what’s happening is that the wait time for FoP increases quickly first thing and then plateaus, whilst at that point the wait times for your other rides are much shorter. So it’s getting you to hit those other rides first whilst lines are shorter, and then sending you to FoP.

You could try creating a new plan and this time setting the order to be FoP first, followed by the other rides. Then use Evaluate which will keep the rides in the same order but give you wait times. You may then see that your overall wait time across all rides is higher than the Optimised version that has FoP last.

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I did not realize you could start the plan earlier than the official opening time. Doing that made a world of difference in the plan! Now the plan recommends FoP first (with only a 24 min wait) and going again immediately after (with only a 20 min wait). The app really should highlight that as a tip. Thanks so much!!!

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You can actually have it start up to 45 minutes early to account for the new opening routines.