Lines for Oaken's Trading Post

How long would it take to get through Oaken’s Trading post around 6:00pm on a crowd 3 day? And what time does it close?

We will be at HS on 9/21, but not until the afternoon. We are not interested in the ice skating - but would love to shop, play in the snow and do a few of the magic shots.

Finally - I’m still confused about where this is exactly…


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It’s right before TSMM. We only waited about 2 mins to get into the skating rink part. No wait to get into the store. This was around noon 2 weeks ago

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I just went Saturday and no wait for the trading post and about 10 min to snow/ice skating. I think it was around 1:30 for the store and 4:30 for the skating/snow area. It is left of TSMM you can’t miss it.

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No wait at about the same time on a much more crowded day. They shut down that area including multiple attractions an hour-ish (can’t remember exactly) before the fireworks.

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Apparently, the fun zone area exits into Oaken’s, so our plan is to do the ice skating, etc, first so that we’ll go straight into the gift shop area.

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Yeah, I didn’t realize that. Went back out the entrance and in via ‘outside’. I blame @okie and @kelij for letting me drink all morning.


Thanks just the information I was looking for!!!