Lines App Now Evaluates Touring Plans, Can Move Steps Up and Down

@daybreaker released more Lines updates last week. These include the ability to Evaluate a touring plan from within the app, and the ability to move steps up and down within a plan.

Here’s a screen image of the Evaluate button:

Here’s what the new “up” and “down” functions look like:

We’re open to suggestions on alternative ways of displaying / performing the same actions. So if you’d prefer buttons instead of links, for example, draw something up and let us know.


I’d imagine that a link might load a bit faster than a button. I think this is a great addition (one of the only issues I’ve had with the app compared with the site). Thank you for the continous improvements!

This is great. Can’t wait to tinker around with it this week.

This was so incredibly helpful during our trip. I was able to rearrange and reevaluate on the fly. I even made TPs at 10pm the night before on my phone. Thanks @len and gang!

Yay! Thanks for the feedback!