Lines App - Is this really better than MDE?

Hey y’all. We will be using a touring plan for the first time. Is the Lines App really more helpful than MDE? Are the wait times and expected wait times really accurate?

Disney inflate their wait times, so yes the ones on the Lines app are generally more accurate.


Yes, TP is more accurate. Just clarify, on the lines app, you will see the posted wait which is what Disney is posting where ad the expected is what TP predicts is the actual wait time.

You will need to use MDE during your trip for FPP obviously, the map, and other things like characters greet times.


Everyone swears by TP times over MDE…and I can’t speak to that. But I do know that my experience with the Universal side, the Universal App was far more accurate than the TP app. I think TP has far more data for Disney than it has for Universal. It quickly became a joke of the family to make fun of the times the TP app was giving. While Universal’s times weren’t perfect, they were much more accurate much more often.

This leaves me somewhat hesitant to fully trust the TP information for our Disney trip. But, it is a starting point.


YES. For all the reasons listed above (ignoring Ryan’s comment as he is referring to Universal where I think data is not as strong)


I agree the TP app does a much better job of giving you the actual expected wait time.

Just remember (and many people don’t): If a ride goes down or a storm shuts things down for awhile, those estimates are going to get thrown off for awhile.

The length of the down time and the subsequent rush of people heading in to use FastPasses after it comes back can throw a wrench in the estimates some window of time.

Kind of hard to to account for unexpected down time events like that, but you can report when attractions are down in the Lines app - and it will try to guesstimate how long until it comes back up (based on previous data and TP magic methinks.)


MDE posted times are reporting how long the people that are loading the ride vehicle just waited. The lines app “expected” time is a estimate of how long you should expect to wait if you enter the line right then. They do not report on the same experience. I always use the lines app expected wait (and some common sense- sometimes something just happened and the line is crazy long).

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It is hit or miss and I rarely use the TP wait times to influence my touring.


Yes. My kids often ask me what the “real” wait time is and by that they mean the TP one not MDE.


Agree that TP is more accurate after my trip in October. I also found it a lot faster to load, and easier to use to get to the wait times.

I have to say, I also love the Super Land view


Whoa is that new? I’ve never seen color in the app before!

I too prefer the TP wait times, though generally speaking if you want to manage expectations, you will rarely wait longer than what MDE is telling you. TP is more accurate but is as likely to be just under as just over the actual wait time (which could feel disappointing to some people).

Kinda like how people expect to get a tax refund even though that means they gave a non-interest loan to the government for the year. (Ok, hopefully that CPA reference wasn’t too much for this forum. :wink:)

I use the Line app for wait times too and find it mostly accurate. But how does TP calculate the expected wait time as if you entered the ride’s line “right then”?

I believe that is from the data they have collected, including timed actual waits of subscribers?


If you scroll to the bottom of the park page in the app you can sort the parks in different ways (restaurants too).

Isn’t it great?


I guess this is for iphone? I have android and still have the older look :slight_smile:

It is a setting at the bottom of the page. You can change the view. It does not stay, but I have had an Android and iPhone and it is there for both.




Never mind. It is

I did not know this – thanks!

Whoa! Mind blown. Wish I’d known that a week ago. Thanks!