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I cannot figure out a way to use the Lines app and tell it that I will have Genie+ so that factors that into my day. I was hoping that it would tell me what order to request reservations in and things like that and work that into our day. It is our first trip to WDW, so I have no idea which things to plan to use Genie+ on, or in what order. That’s one of the reasons why I renewed my subscription to Touring Plans (typically we go to DLR).

Does this functionality not exist? If not, will I need to scrap the Lines app or mess around with it a lot to add Genie+ return times somehow or something?? Or will I need to scrap using Genie+ because the app just won’t work with it?

Help! Lol

It doesn’t exist yet but it will. When is your trip?

That Lines capability is coming, we just don’t know when. TP software will be able to calculate an efficient plan using forecasted G+ return times. You will also be able to enter ILL times into the plan, because you have your choice of times, unlike G+.

In the meantime, here is an article that charts out when return times dry up, so it helps you figure out what order of attractions you will try for. So this gives you a good idea of what to expect.

I’m literally going into the parks starting tomorrow. I’m so incredibly disappointed in the apps major failure here. I feel like I seriously wasted my money in buying in for this trip. I never in a million years thought they wouldn’t have this covered. :cry:

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What I did was create touring plans using Lines with everything I wanted to accomplish and I entered in my ADRs. Then I booked LL’s following another post on here’s order based on that blog.

  • MK: JC > PPF > BTMRR > Splash > HM > WtP > PotC > (everything else)
  • AK: KS/NRJ > DINO > FotLK > FFiF > ITtbaB
  • HS: SDD > MFSR > RNRC > ToT > TSM > AS2 > (MV3D, ST, Shows)
  • EP: TT > Soarin > MS > (TTwC, Seas, SE, LwtL, Imag, Pixar)

At 655am I’d wake up and use on my ipad and in my phone go to the Tip Board section of Genie My Day . When said 6:59:59 am I’d pull down on that page in my phone to refresh and go thru the prompts to get my first LL in that order above of preference so at Mk for example Jungle Cruise. Then I’d buy the two ILLs going for the harder to get one first which is RotR in DHS, 7DMT in Mk, FoP in AK and Remy in Epcot followed by the other IlL ride for each park. I would then go delete or mark complete the things I got LLs for from the Lines app touring plans. I’d use my LLs getting news ones in that order above when I could and promptly delete those things off the Lines app if I secured an LL. When I didn’t have an LL or an ADR I’d hit optimize on my plan in Lines and follow it. I never waited more than 25 minutes and that only once. I had a handful of rides I waited 15-18min for and everything else was pretty much a walk on using this system for me

*I pasted that ordering in my lines TP in the notes section of the plan so I could just go check there to see what I should get at my next opportunity


They need the data before they can work it into the plans. And Genie+ is an absolute mess of a system, which doesn’t help.


So I just checked and the Lines app lets you add Lightning Lane return times now…@Jennlovebug. You should be able to add them as you get them and re-optimize your plan each time. Just use that hierarchy I sent above to get them in that order for the remainder of your trip and then add in the LL return time via the app:
Step-By-Step Guide: Make and Use a Touring Plan in the Lines App (Including Lightning Lane) – Blog

Here’s what it looks like in pictures


That’s good. It’s not on Lines on my android yet though. Edit, yes it works in the app. It’s in the menu button on each attraction.

But it doesn’t show up on the desktop and I still get this message:



Genie is a new feature that has completely upended the TP platform. That they are near to rolling it out after just 3.5 months of Genie being in existence is pretty impressive to me.

I’m sorry it hasn’t rolled out in time for your trip.


That’s just for day-of right? Like you can’t play around with possible return times in advance to help plan when you’d want to get LL return?

You can do it for future dates in the app.

My understanding is in the future, the software will also offer suggestions based on their gathered data.

Great! I’ll try it out. Thanks

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The system won’t yet tell you when to get what. I did exactly what @gingerSnaps543222 did.

Additionally I set my TP for fastest walking when I first created it, and as I added in LLs I would slow the walking down. This helped me not have the dreaded error that half my stuff was occuring after park close because the system thought I was waiting for 90 mins for SDD.

you actually can play around but only from the phone. I just did that for my 12/31/2022 plan and it let me. That’s pretty far out. It didn’t change the date when it reoptimized so from your phone you could play. For ILLs sure thing as long as you’re not trying to get park open for them you can prolly hard predict that but for LLs you’re not gonna have any idea so play away but that is completely random so better to just wing that day of. If you want to see how much you can fit if you’re able to get 3 or 5 LLs you could play in that way.


Nice! Being able to put in times you think you will get is new. Being able to edit your LL times is new too (it did not like that previously). Nice updates!


Do you have a link to the blog or post that listed the LL priorities?

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Thank you!

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