Lines App for DLR

I just tried to download the Lines app for Disneyland and it says it only works with older versions of Android. Am I missing something? I have it for WDW.

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The description says Android 4.4 and up. I have it running on Android 13.

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Just circling back to this. When I go to the play store it says “this app isn’t available because it is made for an older version.” In using a Galaxy Fold so maybe that is why?

I can’t even find it in Google Play on my S22, using Android 13.

I found it as the first option on my S9

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Hmmm. Interesting. I only get from the second one and down, even though I searched for “disneyland lines app” like you show. Thanks for the screenshots!

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That’s very odd. I have it installed on my S22+ with the same android version. First thing that shows up if I search DLR lines. I’m dropping in the app store link. Maybe that will do it.

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I have an S22 ultra on Android 13 and it says the app is not available on my device.

EDIT Found the .apk and downloaded and it’s working fine.

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I tried using my phones browser to go to and find it, which it did find. But when I tried to install it, the only device it had listed was a tablet, and I couldn’t get it to switch to my phone. I went ahead and hit “install” but I suspect it’s sitting somewhere, waiting to be put on my tablet. Aargh!!

Oh well, I’m not going to DLR for another year or so.

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Yeah, I’ll probably have to sideload. It doesn’t show up in the store on my phone and when I follow a link there that is where it says its not compatible. When I go there with a browser it shows this eevice greyed out.

Where can I get the .apk outside of the playstore?

I’m guessing those that have it on this generation of phones already had it on the last version so it carried forward?

I found it at apk combo


Got it! Side loaded just fine.

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Found it. And managed to avoid all the ads with download here buttons and found the teeny-tiny real download button.