Lines app and shared plans

I am traveling to Disney with another family this spring. I am in charge of making all the plans. If I share my touring plans with the adults in the other family, can they plug them into the lines app on their phones?

I believe only if they logged in as you but that you also allow them to chat as you…

If they are going to have their own Lines subscription, why not let them make a copy of your TP?

I’m doing just that for a friend. I’ve done most of the plans and sent him the url so he can copy the plan into his lines account and access them in the parks and change things on the fly if need be.

Suezq223 can you tell me how we can copy someone else’s plan into our own TP accounts? I have sent the other family my copy of our touring plans, but I am unsure how they can get them into their touring plans accounts. I can’t seem to find any directions anywhere either. I just had them send me a copy of a plan they did for UIOA, that they want me to tweek, but I don’t seem to be making any headway on getting their plan into my account either. When we click on the plans it just opens like a read-only document, no tabs or buttons for bringing into our Touring accounts.

Any help from anyone out there on this would be greatly appreciated!

I have always just published my plans and then shared a link in a google doc.

Thanks Tink,

We have no problem sharing the plans though, it’s actually being able to then open or upload someone else’s plan in your own touring plan account and hence have it in your lines app. Does that make sense?? I’m not sure I’m being clear.

I have shared a plan with the family we are traveling with. They have their own Touring Plans account. They are arriving a day earlier then us and need to be able to open the touring plan I made for them in their own lines app.

I think when you share it you have converted it to a form that cannot be changed or optimized, I thought you could only optimize from your own account, or if someone was logged in as you they would have that access?