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I’m trying to get better at transitioning away from PC / paper and using the Lines 2.0 App…

I have a elementary question that I used to encounter with Lines 1.0 as well. I want to be able to exit a ride and then either press “done”, reevaluate and walk to the next step with an accurate arrival time.

Using the steps above, as an example, I should exit 7DMT at 1:02pm. This is when I think I should hit “done” and then Evaluate to get the “up-to-date” plan without “Optimizing” and rearranging my steps.

Whenever I do this it seems to habitually change the arrival time of the next step - sometimes by 10 - 15 minutes. In the example, The next step - Pooh - , I often get an arrival of 1:17pm or something instead of the original 1:05pm

What am I doing wrong? (This entire example is hypothetical, so it isn’t happening with specific attractions or a bug. It’s something I’ve always had issues with in trying to use the App)

Well for one you’d actually exit the ride at 1:05 (12:09 + 53 min wait = 1:02 + 3 min ride time), so that might account for some of it.

I know I’m not explaining it clearly…This is just an example… the exact times don’t matter…

My concern is, “Why does my plan step times adjust wildly after each step?”

My plan will say - Step 1 ride exit at 11am…walk to step 2 = 5 mins…Step 3 = next ride arrival 11:05am

When I hit “done” at 11am, then press “evaluate” the walking step goes away and step 3 will have an arrival of something much different, like, 11:17am now. (the wait times are often unchanged or only very slightly)

I know having the accurate waits is the most important part, but I find it frustrating that I can’t just click and seamlessly follow along my personalized plan.

What am I not getting??

I know how to “work around” it and juggle both the MDE and Lines wait times features outside of my plan. I am hoping to improve though. I do feel that I’m too self-taught when using TP. Maybe there should be a tutorial or YT series

I don’t know the answer…but if I had to guess, once you hit “done”, TP no longer knows where you are located, and so the estimated walk time is probably starting back from the front gate.

If I’m correct, this would definitely be a bug and something that could be fixed. It would be interesting to know if the “extra time” added is proportionate to how far away you are from the front gate.

I’m been having this issue for years. I really think it’s user error. I’m not understanding what is happening when I press “done” and when I should even press it. (before or after walking)

I tried playing with it just now, and mine looks different. I get a starting location, with the option to change it…

New Example… Real time - today

Personalized TP Step…

Ride is now complete and I’m leaving… Estimated arrival to next step before pressing done = 11:05am
I exit the attraction and PRESS DONE. App removes the step and updates to show next step…

I now press Evaluate, within seconds of exiting attraction and starting this procedure, and now my arrival time is: 11:16am??

Why did it change? The walking distance and speed is the same as before and I exited the ride at the predicted time?

Yeah. Given the start time was now 10:54, and you add the walking time from Laugh Floor to Be Our Guest of 14 minutes, it should be 11:08. So, that’s definitely odd.

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Interestingly, I see the NEXT walking time is 4 minutes. Makes me wonder if the code is incorrectly adding not just the current walk time, but the NEXT walk time as well? (Could be a coincidence.)

ETA: Oh, wait. Nevermind. That would still put it at 11:12, not 11:16.

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Good to know I’m not doing it wrong… Again… the predicted waits at the next step tend to be mostly accurate anyway. It’s always been frustrating for me to use, Lines 1.0 & 2.0, because of small things like this.

I’m sure it’s probably “optimizing” everything and such, but as a user I want my personalized paper TP to match the App… It’s no big deal… I just had time today and was playing with it to prepare for my Feb trip

Perhaps @len can have the team look into it.

Are you physically THERE today?

Or are you doing this from home.

That may be a piece of it -at least today??

Because it can’t figure out where the heck you are?

I am at home today. However, I’ve had this issue for years while in the parks as well. I’m kinda surprised that I’m the “first” to mention it… :crazy_face:

I kinda gave up on the Lines 1.0 App years ago because of stuff like this. I really want to get better at using Lines 2.0 instead of paper plans. Unfortunately, am I not aware of any instructions or guidance other than, “just play with it and try to figure it out!” :roll_eyes: :wink: :rofl:

I think you found a legit bug.

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After a lot more tinkering here are some findings…

If I just want to follow along with my personal TP with no changes, only press done and never evaluate or refresh. (I can check the predicted times in the “parks” section of the App and verify if the steps are on time manually. Not ideal, but it’s progress)

When using Evaluate, it is calculating the walking time as part of the “Starting Near…Location”. I think it is doubling down on walking time.

First, I tell it I’m done and then the step goes away with no changes. Then, I evaluate and I believe it is then calculating the walking time from the “Starting Near…Location” again even though I’m already at that step.

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This is so strange. I guess I’ve never noticed it but now I’m going to have to pay close attention