Liners, Annual pass holders, 'regulars' please advise :)

We are a Disney obsessed family :slight_smile: Have been once a year the past 8 and a couple years we were able to go twice. We are 12+ hours away and choose to fly so we have more days at the park, plus I hate driving long hours.
I have came across an opportunity which is going to basically fund our Disney love, allowing us to go more often. Yes, I basically have found a ‘job’ to just fund Disney…haha…we’re crazy :slight_smile:
It’s going to be more at ‘the drop of a hat’ for some trips and I’m curious if the ‘down times’ are still pretty much the same. I know going in Oct./Nov. used to be low but I thought they gained popularity. And have recently heard Jan/Feb times have picked up, too. What are your thoughts on planning for quick weekend trips and which weekends to avoid?
We’ve always wanted to be able to just ‘decide and go’ to Disney and will now be able to consider an annual pass and take more trips.
Also, if anyone has Disneyland advice, I’m hoping to plan a visit there too.
Future plans will be Disney overseas! :slight_smile:
Disney dream: Visit each one! Oh yeah!

We’ve only ever been to DisneyWorld, so would love anyone’s input on any of the other Parks. Which one should we plan to do first outside of US.

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I’ve never done quick weekend trips, so can’t help you there. I will say when we’ve had an annual pass and spent more days there, it’s been easier to deal with the crowds (which do seem larger year round now), knowing if we don’t get something done one day, we can do it another day.

Disneyland is also crowded, but feels more relaxed because it’s not necessary to plan everything so far in advance. It’s also all walkable, even from a lot of offsite hotels (we did the Quality Inn last time, with a couple nights at Disneyland Hotel at the end as a treat).

As far as overseas, I’ve only been to Paris (long time ago, before they built the Studios) and Tokyo. Tokyo DisneySea was my favorite of those because it was a different theme than any of the US Parks.

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I’ve had an AP since August 2016 and have done several trips each year (3 in 2016, 6 in 2017, 1 so far in 2018 with 3 me planned). The crowds have been pretty consistent over this time, though mid January and early May seem to be less crowded.

I would avoid the race weekends and holidays weekends except for maybe Labor Day.

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we’ve been there over Labor Day twice. Got the last flight out of Orlando this past September when Hurricane was moving in and our original flight was canceled :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you. Disneyland is definitely gonna happen. I am a Walt Disney fan and want to see the original :slight_smile: Overseas was always a dream, but I really think it’s gonna be able to happen now, so I’m starting to gather more info and insight on the different options.

Congrats! It is so funny- you just never know! I remember a few years ago I took weekend trips in May, December (early) and late June. December was crazy busy for me, May was nice but June was amazing!

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This past year, we did early-January, mid February, mid April, mid June, Labor Day weekend, and early December as long weekends (we do Thursday-Monday). I agree about avoiding the race weekends if possible. It’s not horrible, but it is on the busier side. Unfortunately, they all seem to fall during our school calendar’s scheduled vacations!

Labor Day weekend was great, especially with the MVT resort deals. December was my favorite because of the Christmas activities, but it was downright cold this year (the previous year, it was 80 degrees, so you just never know).

Really?! That surprises me about June. I usually avoid all summer months! haha

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Yes, we have been in November and it was 40 degrees! One of the coldest days in FL and I brought my parents with us! haha. But we are from So. IL so it was normal for us, just hadn’t planned enough warm clothes. Got lots of nice Disney sweatshirts and hats that year :slight_smile: I’ve wondered about Jan/Feb the most since we haven’t been then yet.

How many days do you suggest for Disneyland?

I’d allow a minimum of three days for DL resort. You can get it “done” in two, but for a first visit especially I think it’s nice to have time to look at all the details and revisit favorite attractions. We’ve gone for five days before and not thought it too long, but we’re big park people.

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We went the week after the marathon in January. It was busier than anticipated and the last day there, the windchill was 20 degrees - it was cold for these hearty New Englanders! All resort pools were closed (and I don’t know who would have wanted to go in it!). In February when we went, it was 80 degrees! You just never know.

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Yes, that’s what I’ve found. My family live in South Florida. We try to get a check on the weather with them, but when you plan months in advance it’s impossible. I’m ok with wearing warm weather clothes at Disney, and it sometimes beats the summer Florida sun in comparison. I just love when we go and the crowd and atmosphere is relaxed. We just like to roam and take in the ‘little’ things. Can’t beat it.

I was hoping for a few days, but didn’t know if it was like going to DW where we give a week min usually.

DL is definitely not like DW in that respect. It’s smaller and more compact, so a few days will work fine.

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