Liner Dream and Nightmare

Just found out a might have a work related event in Orlando which could mean my wine and dine half marathon trip becomes 8 or 9 nights instead of 5.

Though the new dates may mean a new hotel (and saying goodbye to my fall r.o. stacked Orbitz discount at POR), new ADRs, everything.

First step is to cost out the trip changes so I can get work approval on the trip. Where to begin??

This should have been part of my original post


8 or 9 nights sounds lovely! Do your new dates overlap with the old ones? Maybe you could do a split stay and keep your original reservation.

Well, math at the moment is showing, if I add 4 nights, keep my original res and do a split stay with my. POR res and Pop and only change one of my flights, I’m looking at only $500 more to make this happen, which seems like a good deal, and work will cover most of that. Cause of ticket costs, and work vs vacation days, I’ll end up getting 2 more park days than planned out of this deal.

Now to sell it to the boss…


That is a good deal! My trip grew from a 3-night, 2-day-ticket trip to a 5-night, 5-day-ticket, split stay trip. I don’t want to do the math to see how much extra I’ve spent.

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Aaah! Boss number one signed off, and I realized this means I might get to do stuff like work all day and then go to HDDR or MVMCP at night.

(New arm flail!)

Now working on boss number two (long story).


Woo! All approved and booked!

5 nights at POR, 2 at all star sports and 2 at CSR

The triple split stay is probably a bad idea, but the cost savings for sports in the middle is what’s making this all possible, but also kind of thrilled to be trying three new hotels in one trip.


It will be great! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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I want to work where you work!

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