Liner Daily Tip #311 – FPP Practice

Once you have linked WDW tickets to your MDE account, you can make FPP reservations within the 30-day window. Take advantage of this and make “practice” FPP reservations, so that when your real reservation window arrives you will be familiar with the system. Just be sure to cancel the reservations after you make them.


My tickets were part of a package and linked to my hotel stay. I was unable to see FP until my 60 day window.

My tickets are also a part of a package and I can't do anything with FPP. I am 65 days out. Guess no practice for me?

I've discovered the same thing. My tickets are linked but I can't practice.

What 30 day window arrives before the 60 day FPP availability?

That is very strange with the package tickets - are they linked to your MDE account?

When you have tickets linked to your MDE account, you can make FPP reservations as if you were staying off site, 30 days from your intended "stay".

Brilliant. Thanks. Guessing this is done without a linked on-property reservation?

You can do it with or without a linked on-property reservation - people have commented that up until their "60-day" date they can make FPP reservations as if they were staying off-site, and then at midnight (or thereabouts) on the "60-day" date the window magically extends. I don't know why people with packages have been having problems doing this, though.

My tickets were linked to MDE. My check in date is 9/26. When I would try to look at FP for the next 30 days, it would tell me that I am not in my window and that the earliest I could make FP was 9/26. This is the response I would get until I was 60 days out. It may work if you booked room only and tickets separately though.

Interesting - it used to work for packages, but it looks like WDW has now managed to link the tickets to the room reservation as well as your MDE account. However, it definitely still works if you book room-only instead of a package.

Thanks again for the great info. So, this means we can play with the FPP system > 60d but just not book FPP until <\=60d? When you said 'make sure you cancel' does this mean that those FPP's can be done more than 60 [since they have to be cancelled and therefore must be in the system]. Sorry! This was a great tip for me esp b/c I didn't know that one.

If you have your tickets linked to your MDE account, you can make real FPP reservations within the 30-day window, starting right now as if you are staying off-site.

For example, say I have a stay at WL starting 90 days from now. Right now I can make FPP reservations for any date within the next 30 days, up to the number of days I have on my tickets. Then, 60 days from the start of my stay I will be able to make the reservations I actually want to.

You need to cancel your test reservations for two reasons. First, you don't want to tie up reservations that an actual guest would want to have. Second, if they are not canceled (or the reservation date has not passed) you have used up some of your allotment of FPP days.

This is interesting because I am at 61, with tomorrow being my FPP day. I WAS able to practice....up until today. Now, I am locked out of FPP. Hope it all comes together tomorrow..... wink

Might be worth it to give WDW IT a call at 407-939-7765 to make sure that nothing is wrong with your MDE account - don't want any problems on the big day!

Hmmm....Thanks, @brklinck. I think I might just do that. smiley

Crystal clear and many thanks again for the shiny new tool for my toolbox

@brklinck- just saw info from @sheila27 on lines saying dis has closed off this practice option 30 day for 60 day folks. have you heard anylthing? I guess she's saying they're not allowing it anymore?

@brklinck, this was my experience too. After weeks of practicing, I was locked out two days ago from checking fpp.

I checked to make sure my family was still linked, and everything opened up as it should right at midnight, without ant issues.

Yay, all is well in Liner-land !! wink Thanks again for your tips and help !

I'm not sure how WDW could do this if you booked room-only and bought your tickets separately. What if you have two visits planned - an earlier one where you are staying off-site and have already bought/linked tickets for, and a later on-site one where you have already booked/linked your reservation but have not bought tickets yet.

I can see how they could do this with packages, though.