Liner Daily Tip #292 – SotMK Card List is a handy listing of all SotMK cards, including all stats, powers, etc.

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Looking forward to trying this on our trip. Wonder if anyone have the Cast Member card… I checked Ebay but no go lol.

I would love to have that card, for a Disney parks geek its the coolest one in the set to me!

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Yes, I’m going to have to keep an eye out for one on eBay. I wonder if they still give them to new CM’s or if it was a one time thing. Would affect the price of it greatly.

OMG this forum would be a great place to for card trading. I need to go through DS & DH’s collection before our next trip and see what they need. DH is actually said he’s disappointed I won’t be at mnsshp this year to get the card. (Which of course tempts me to fly in earlier so I can go! haha)

Go for it! I have seen plenty of trading threads in the past on Chat.