Liner Daily Tip #291 – SotMK Tips


Want to improve your SotMK skills? Check out these tips


Thanks @brklinck! I love your daily tips.

I just had an idea - feel free to ignore it - I'm not trying to micromanage - just throwing this out.

Maybe you could start a thread called "brklinck's Daily Tips" and then add each new one as a comment each day? I think that might make them easier to find. Your tips are so good, and it seems like they get lost here on the Forum because fewer people reply to each one. I suppose if you had a free afternoon you could even go back and add tips 1-290, one after the other. Hmmm...maybe there would be a way to copy and paste all the original ones into a big starting post and then add new ones to the bottom?


Thanks for the feedback! I've been trying to decide on what is the best way forward for LDT. @len suggested 1 post per day with a descriptive title, which is what I've adopted for the time being.

Also, my initial plan on Chat was to make it to 365 tips and then recycle from Tip #1. I am probably going to do that in the Forum, at least until I "catch up" to the first tip that I put up here (#270).


FWIW, I agree w/Sally, big time. I was thinking the same thing, that it would be great to have them all in one place,rather than scattered throughout this sprawling monstrosity called the "forum". My 2 cents, may not be worth a penny.


Going to try SOTMK for the first time in Oct. I received some spare cards from a very nice Liner...A big shout out to @asylvester. Got my cards! Thanks!!! So I've bookmarked the above link. I think my family will just spend a day dedicated to this endeavor. Sounds like fun.