LIner Cruise on the Grand 1

Ok liners. I’m working on a liner meet on the Grand 1. Possible dates are mid November or first week of December(2-9) I just started researching this, so it’s evolving. Chime in if you are interested. Probably looking at 2000+ bucks total with food/booze/staff. Think about it.

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I’ll be there the 1-5, I would be interested. How many liners can we have? (Meaning what would each PP be?)

I can ask my travel partners if they are interested…

Also, PM me if you need assistance putting it together. :grin:

Awesome! Boat holds 18, only 17 with a butler. We ARE having a butler.

Ohhhh sign me up. Totally up my alley.


If we get enough people I am definitely in! The only nights I couldn’t do it is the 2nd, 5th, or 9th. Any other night would be fab.

Leaning towards the 4th.

What is the Grand 1?

4th definitely works.

@BackIntoTheFray Grand 1 is a yacht guests can charter at WDW.

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