Liner Buttons

I have read through my Liner Button order twice and cannot find the spot to enter my user name to have it personalized. OR do you do personalize your own once you receive the button? Help please.

When you select the button, there should be Customize It under the picture. Select that, then on the right side it should say YourUserName change text-select this, a box will appear. Backspace over YourUserName to clear it and type your name, then done. Your name should now appear on the button.

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Don’t forget to use the promo code ZDEAL4SCHOOL for 15% off your order.

Thanks so much, moorparknay. Your directions were easy to understand and I saw my mistake immediately! Have a good evening. Wingsmom

Oh good. Glad the instructions made sense. :smile:

Where can these be purchased?

Buttons are for sale on You can get free shipping if you sign up for a free 30 day trial of Zazzle Black, plus use coupon codes like the one mentioned above. I ordered mine last Friday and it arrived yesterday. Woohoo!

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