Line Hacking 101

Has anyone purchased Line Hacking 101 from I can’t find any reviews about it anywhere. Did it work for you? Is it worth $27?

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I have never heard of this. What do they allegedly provide for that somewhat outrageous fee (certainly less wallet-friendly than TP (which is Touring Plans, not toilet paper, if you haven’t Disney Acronym 101, yet).


I doubt this offers anything more than this site does.

I just had a look at the site and info about Line Hacking. I don’t think there’s anything there that isn’t covered by all the info on here. Is it on the main TP site? No. Is it covered by info here on the forums? Absolutely!

Refreshing, park hopping with FPs, booking FPs when rain is forecast … very few sites have all the info in one easy-to-read article, because it isn’t easy to explain. But I bet it’s all here.

Just my opinion, YMMV.


I just read his “7 Rookie Mistakes With Fastpasses.”
It’s pretty basic stuff, BUT, much of this kind of info people who invest time to learn take for granted. Plenty of Wallytown visitors have no clue what they are doing. They just show up, and think that since they’ve paid a zillion dollars, and the commercials are wonderful, the seas are going to part for them when they walk into MK at 1pm after a nice breakfast and lunch.

I hope the folks at teachmedisney make a zillion dollars. I don’t think I’d benefit from it.

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I’m pretty sure “linehacking” is just"modify & refresh and there are several sites trying to sell access to this “knowledge.”