Limo to and from Disney World/airport

It’s our first Disney family vacation. Leave in a few days…booked everything thru Disney website. Hubby added a limo ride to and from Airport to Port Orleans FQ…it gives no other details about the limo -is it a Disney limo service? Will we get any kind of info on where to find the limo, etc after we land? Thanks for your advice!


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Since you are staying at a Disney resort, the limo is most likely Disney’s Magical Express (DME). It is a bus service to the Disney hotels. Hopefully you have received special luggage tags in the mail to put on your bags. It has been a few years since I rode DME, but I’m sure it will be well marked how to get there, but somebody else will chime in on here and give directions.

Here’s the Disney page that gives more info:

No, it’s a option separate from Magical express. It was added when we booked the trip though. We never got yellow luggage tags, I assume because we are taking the limo and will need to retrieve our own bags. My husband tried calling tonight to ask but the wait was 90 minutes :grimacing:, and he had to go to bed. Hopefully we can get some answers soon.
Thanks :slight_smile:

The only thing I can think of (other than the Magical Express) is a Minnie Van from the airport to POFQ, but as far as I know these can only be booked by calling Disney (not on the website). The Minnie Vans from the airport are also very pricey (I think it’s $155 each way plus tip).

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I read about a limo ride from the Orlando airport to Walt Disney World resorts. I believe I saw the information on a transportation page of the airport’s website.

I think it’s through Mears. I will check when I get up in the morning.

Maybe this will help:

Since that site is not associated with Disney, could that be it?

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I do not think the site that @dcdj has provided is correct.

That being said, although I can see that there is a Limo option as an alternative to DME when making a booking, there is no associated information as to the specifics.

I think you’ll have to call again today OP. Yesterday was exceptionally high call volume, I’m sure (even for Disney) since the 2020 packages released and bookings were insane. Today might be better, but I would pick a time of day when you can just let your phone hang out on speaker while on hold for as long as it takes.

Would love if you would report back here, too, to let us know the specifics around that option and how you find out about pickup service.

Good luck!

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I know there is a Minnie Van option, but I would hardly call that a “limo” (Though IMHO it would be more comfortable - I have never seen the appeal of limos…most uncomfortable things I have ever ridden in).

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Thought it was just me.

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Hopefully @awallace40 will report back. I would love to know for future trips.

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I sure will as soon as my husband gets on the phone with them. Any suggestions of a good time to call? 90 min wait last night so couldn’t do it! Lol

If your trip is in a few days, I’d say the sooner the better.

I believe guest services line closes at 10pm

Can you call at 9:59PM and get in line for a shorter wait like you would with a headliner right before park close? :wink:



Nope. I don’t get the hype. Give me the DME bus or a regular car to ride any day.

Hubby called Disney, the limo company is Transtar and they normally call you 24-48hrs out and confirm. We just jumped the gun as we fly in Sunday. We called Transtar and the driver will be waiting for us at baggage claim with our name on a sign :slight_smile: Our kids will be so excited (it’s a surprise). Thanks!

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