Limo service

I’m visiting in April with my DD’s 3 and 7 and staying at the Swan, so have to arrange our own transportation from/to airport. Has anyone had any experience with Orlando Limo Tours? The price seems reasonable and includes a meet and greet, car seat and grocery stop. With an evening arrival with just me and my girls I’d rather have something prearranged than calling Uber or Lyft. Positive or negative feedback from liners would help make the decision!

Can’t help you with that particular service. However, the Swan/Dolphin concierge can arrange transportation to and from the airport. Choices are sedan, SUV, or limo. I just made my arrangements for my May trip. This will be my first time using their service, so I have no experience to report other than making arrangements. Swan/Dolphin has a transportation department, but I don’t know if they operate their own service or sub it to someone like Mears.

There’s a contact page on the Swan/Dolphin website for VIP/concierge services. Choose transportation and fill out the form. You’ll need your flight info, and you’ll have to submit a separate request for departure. They got back to me within 24 hours.

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Thanks, I believe the hotel contracts with Mears. I looked at their site but they require the 3+ hour prior to flight departure, and I don’t want to have to search for their stand at the airport and wait for a shuttle or car. Much nicer to have someone waiting for us in baggage claim.

They recommend 2.5 hours before flight for departure because it’s a 30 minute drive to the airport and TSA recommends arriving two hours early. They’re just covering their corporate backside, but it’s only a recommendation. We’re departing a little later than that.

We scheduled a sedan and our driver is meeting us at baggage claim. Are you sure you’re not thinking of Mears’ shuttle service? That sounds more like what you described.

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Sorry, haven’t used them, but had great experiences with Tiffany Towncars the last 2 trips when we stayed at Swan/Dolphin

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I used it when I arrived at 2am one time alone with my young kids. It was reassuring to have someone waiting there to take care of us!

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I’ve used Access Line Transpotation and really liked our drivers and cars. They had car seats for varying ages and also made a stop at Publix. They meet you in baggage claim and help with your luggage, as most car services do.

Car services while an expense can be a time saver over DME.

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Thanks everyone! @gnrldsppntmnt I think you are right, at first I was looking at the shuttle but I like the idea of a private car better. However after looking at reviews Access Line and Tiffany both look better than Mears or the company I was first looking at. I’ll probably book one of those two.

I look forward to comparing notes.

We used Tiffany several years ago to swan and dolphin and it worked great. We stopped for groceries. On arrival, Our flight was delayed and they tracked our flight, so there was no issues when we showed up.