Limited Edition Magic Bands

OK, so despite having always thought up until this moment that purchasing a Magic Band would be a silly thing to do, it has nevertheless dawned on me that my daughter would LOVE to have an Elsa MB. Is there a way to get one and have it linked to your account prior to arrival? not seeing them available for sale on the Disney store’s website. I did see some here, but I frankly am a bit skittish about buying something like this not through Disney.


That’s interesting. Everything I’ve seen said that the special magic bands had to be activated at time of purchase specifically to prevent this type of thing. The regular ones can be linked online. I don’t know anything about that store so I can’t say if it would be safe or not. I’d hate for you to get a band that is not able to be attached.

They did change the requirement that you must have a ticket available in order to immediately activate the bands upon purchase.

This store is an example of the hoarders that buy up merchandise in order to resell it. The change to ticket requirements was made just recently so I am guessing they used their park ticket to activate all of these when they were purchased. If you look at the “basic” magic bands they have the “link it later” option. The “special bands” were acquired pre-link it later OR special bands can only be purchased with a ticket.

I would be ok buying one of these if I was interested in the special characters. I would call the phone number they list - I bet they wont ship it until you give them your ticket number and they transfer the band to your ticket and off of theirs.

It’s as legit as it can get trying to work around the system.

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My other concern, frankly, is that there is a reference to it needing to be linked when purchased, but that would presumably be through them, a third party. Giving the confirmation code for my annual pass to someone other than Disney seems like a bad idea, but perhaps I’m just being overcautious.

Can the special MB’s be transferred? I know the regular ones can’t.

I don’t think that’s overly cautious. I would feel the same way.

I called the number and talked to a representative.

For special bands you need to send them (the WDW store) your ticket (the cards) or an existing magic band that is tied to your annual pass (that would be my situation). They then enter the parks using their annual passes and purchase new bands specifically for you - they use either your hard card tickets or your magic band with tickets tied to it to make the immediate link to the band. You do not loose any parks days since they enter on their ticket.

After hearing it, their process does work. It’s a complete pain, but it works.

SO if your child LOVES Elsa I think it’s ok to send them the plastic card tickets (you need to buy these ahead of time) and get this group to go buy you bands.

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Wow, that just seems like entirely too much hassle lol.

Right? And HOW does anyone make money running that kind of highly manual business?

They’d make a ton more money if they just started selling them in the Disney Stores and letting people link them to their MDE accounts on the spot.

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Thanks for the intel. Still a bit reticent, but at least we know what it is they purport to be doing.

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Are these special bands for sale at parks/hotels/etc?

They are available in certain parks. Frozen at HS and HM and pay bands at MK. I’m sure they will release more in the future though.

That is good info @MagicMN! That was great of you to research