Lilo's Playhouse age requirements - how strict?

Our younger son will be 2 months shy of 3 years old when we visit. We are staying at the Poly. We had hoped one night to have our kids hang @ Lilo’s while we visit Trader Sam’s but I now know there is a minimum age of 3 years old. Are CMs pretty strict about that age limit? Would it be worth it to try to have both of them (my almost 3 year old and his almost 5 year old brother) there, or not bother at all? He’s very big for his age and is his brother’s shadow, so I am not worried about him behavior-wise or seeming too young, but I am not a rule-breaker in general so I’m conflicted!

if you want to call them directly and ask them, the number is 407-824-1639. my kids were there in october and loved it. they were 5 and 9. there were a handful of other kids there, a few smaller than them but i have no idea how old the littler ones were. I think they definitely need to be potty trained.

I doubt they will make you show a birth certificate.

No, they won’t make you present a birth certificate, but remember that they will have the age in MDE. The choice to make your child 3 for one thing could have some very expensive ramifications.

There are several services that provide in room sitting. My BIL & SIL used one many years ago and were very pleased.

Sometimes it’s a question of insurance, as they have to meet certain child adult ratios based on the age of the kids.

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It also may be as simple as a question of potty training. Ask them!