Lilo and Stitch?

I keep reading that the Lilo and Stitch ride is universally abhorred. I went on it about 10 years ago and have no interest in doing it again. We passed on it last year also, since I didn’t think my niece and 4-year-old nephew would like it. But I’m wondering if my 7- and 8-year-old nephews might actually like it. Do any of you have kids that like it?

I think people either love it or hate it. Our family personally does not care for it. So we never waste our time on it. Plus, it has now gone into “seasonal operation”, so if you’re considering it, make sure it will be open when you will be visiting.

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As an FYI - it’s only Stitch in a galactic prison. No Lilo.

It’s a very dark “ride” - you sit in a theater, held in place by a weird shoulder harness that descends on you, the lights go out & Stitch bounces on you & burps etc. Depending on the 7-8 year old they will either love it or be traumatized for the rest of the day. We always enjoy it - it’s a very odd ride, but it’s a walk-on and I find it amusing. My son always enjoys it and had no issues with it at the 7-8 year old mark. I always hope they replace it with something better, but we would make an attempt to do it at least once per trip despite its shortcomings…

As @Kerryogie noted it’s now seasonal so depending on when you’re going you may not have an option. Rumors abound about a replacement racing experience from the Wreck It Ralph Sugar Racer girl (don’t recall the exact name) so you may want to do it soon before it goes away if you have the chance…

My son loves it, but he’s a Stitch fan from way back. We always do it for nostalgia. Now that he is 18 and bearded, I’ll probably cry in there our last time to ride it before it closes for good…:disappointed_relieved:

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It scared my kids when they were little. They did not like the total darkness, being restrained and the other effects. We went on it in May (more than 10 years later) and nobody liked it.

For all the tech involved, you’d think it would be better. Maybe the story is just too lame.