Lightning McQueen Racing Academy

Anyone have first hand review of Lightning McQueen Racing Academy ?

Is it more valuable than just a 10 minute break from the heat?

Is the wait line air conditioned?

The wait is outside but it runs continuously so wait should be less than 10 minutes. I have a 2 yo cars fanatic and DD4 also loved it. Not much for adults to take in but very cute for the kids.


my daughter loved it (she is obsessed with cars)
it was fun and cute and worth going to see
can’t wait to go back to see it again

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What do you mean by “runs continuously” ?

Does that mean that there’s no start and end to the show and it just keeps looping?

Exactly. So basically it runs every 10-12 minutes. And it’s 10 minutes long. Easy to fit in.

OK, so it’s not like one of those theaters where they kick everyone out on the left while they load it from the right. Can people come in and stay as long as they like?

I don’t think you can stay because the next show will start. I didn’t feel kicked out though. There wasn’t really a line so maybe you could stay for another show but I wouldn’t see the point. There are Cars in the courtyard outside so you can hang there and get photos.

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I think you’ve misunderstood. There is a start and end to the show, but the next show starts as soon as the next group of people come in. It’s not like the Lion King show where it’s only on once an hour so you have to get there at a specific time.

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This is how Tiki Room runs, right?


Yes, also Monsters Inc


WDW Prep To Go Podcast called it cute, but not a “must do.”