Lightning McQueen FP+?

I saw that the new LMRA ride will open at the end of March. Are they going to offer FP+ for that? It would be under 60 days out at this point so I was wondering if those that can book have seen anything. How do they normally handle a new minor, but much anticipated attractions like this?

I believe this is a show, not a ride. I don’t know if they’ll do FP+ or how they handle new attractions/entertainment.

I did FP for April on Tuesday. There were no fast passes for the Lightening McQueen show.

Still no FP’s but I’m hoping they do add them after it opens. I’ve got an FP for Little Mermaid that I’ll switch in a heartbeat for LMRA.

Where will this be located? In front of ST in the old Path of the Jedi theater?

I noticed some construction being performed were the speeder bike used to be, next to Carpet of Dreams.

Over by RnRC and TOT


This is great, thanks!

HS is on the path on becoming the best park.

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