Lightning Lane Group Reservation

Does your entire party have to ‘tap-in’ together for LL reservations, or can you all go at separate times (within the allowed timeframe)?

You could go separately but within the timeframe


And then once each person taps in, they will be able to book their next reservation independent of the others, correct?

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I think so.

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That’s correct. And be careful. We couldn’t find our youngest’s magic band going into KS. Cast member waved us through, since we had 5/6. Then when I went to book the next LL in the queue, the one we didn’t scan wasn’t eligible. Luckily we found the MB shortly after, and we were within 5 mins of the window expiring anyway. So it didn’t hold us up much. But if we’d been 5 mins before the window, that would have been a setback, and I would have been going back up the LL to scan that band!

Edit: this was on 01/22/22, btw. With G+ I think it’s good to provide a date, since the rules change all the time.