Lightning Lane and kids

What happens to a lightning Lane reservation for a child who gets to the boarding area but decides last minute not to ride? Do they get another one or just lose it?

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If you’ve already tapped in, you have used it and you don’t get it back automatically. However, if you explain the situation to a CM, they may grant you a replacement. However, that won’t do you much good since that rider wouldn’t be able to ride a ride by themselves likely.

If, on the other hand, you know beforehand that the child won’t want to ride, you could leave them alone if they are old enough, or with another non-rider and have someone use their LL for a second ride. This works especially well if you’re doing Rider Swap anyway, because a RS pass is only good for two people (one attending adult and one repeat rider), so by using the child’s LL, you get three people in the second ride, including two repeat riders.