Lightening McQueen Racing Academy FPP?

Do we know if there will be FPP for the Lightening McQueen Racing Academy show in DHS? Or when Disney will make them available?

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A few of us have been watching this attraction and no news has been released yet. The most that has been seen so far is in Touring Plans when you make a plan for HS, they have showtimes listed. But we don’t know if they are the actual showtimes or just a guesstimate that TP has made. No mention anywhere yet about FPP options. I still made my touring plan with the show in it as our first stop of the day and figured we could skip it if lines turn out to be too long or we can change another FPP to it if they become available (as a Tier 2). Our trip is the end of April so we will have the knowledge by then.


This opens March 31st.

But more than that, there’s no further news yet. Should be soon though…

Is there any chance I won’t be disappointed if in my mind I’m thinking of this as a replacement for the old Lights, Motor, Action stunt show?

It did not show up as an option for my April trip, though it is scheduled to open before I arrive on the 24th

I think you’ll be disappointed, sorry!


I’m going in April and it’s been an option for weeks.

That’s weird.

Then again I set up my TP a long time ago