Lightening Lane Sharing in G+

This may be a controversial question but…

There are certain rides that not everyone in our family will ride. For example, my son and I don’t like riding Tower of Terror. If we are paying for Genie+ for our whole party, could we share a LL with someone else in our party by simply switching magic bands? So for example, we make a LL reservation for just my daughter and husband to ride ToT. Later in the day, we make another reservation for ToT for me and my son and allow my husband and daughter to tap in for a second LL experience using our magic bands. Not sure if Disney has an explicit policy on this and I haven’t been able to find anything.

TIA for any insight for my overthinking brain!


I think the way you are describing it is a reasonable stretch of the guidelines. You are not trying to get someone into a LL without paying - you are just reallocating your available LL capacity among your party so everything gets used.

P.S. I’ve done a similar maneuver with Rider Swap, e.g. the person who originally got the rider swap pass decided they didn’t want to ride again, so we gave their magic band to someone else. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.


You could do it with FP so I don’t see any reason you couldn’t. It’s not any extra rides for your family as a whole so it’s not a glitch that needs fixing.


I see nothing wrong with that.

Any data on whether Genie+ will allow this 2nd reservation… even though the entire party didn’t use the earlier ToT reservation, does G+ allow the second reservation to be made?

You should be able to make one reservation for each member of your party at each attraction each day. So as long as the morning reservation was for different party members, the afternoon reservation should work.