Light Saber Logistics

Hoping someone here has some experience with this.

First some background: looking at the rest of the plans it would be smart to use the morning of arrival day (staying on property, room not guaranteed until 3pm, flight arrives at 5am) to go hit up Hollywood Studios at rope drop for a few hours before the room is ready. The rest of Hollywood Studios doesn’t interest me, and I’ve heard that smuggler’s run is not advisable for those of us with motion sickness issues. So I figure about four hours is probably plenty of time to wander around Batuu and while there I’d love to do Savi’s and build a light saber. But I’d also potentially like to fit in some spa time so I can start my vacation sans knots and with cute nails.

If all the stars align my room will be ready before my spa reservations and I can drop the lightsaber at the room before heading to the spa. But sometimes the stars don’t align well, which means I could potentially end up with a light saber in need of a home for a few hours.

I am of course planning on leaving luggage with bell services. Anyone left a light saber with them? Alternatively, anyone confirmed if/where in Batuu can send it back to the hotel if that’s easier? Or is this a catastrophe waiting to happen and I should stop trying to cram everything into one day? Also, anyone taken their light saber apart and put it in a checked bag for the trip home? I hear the blade and hilt can be separated fairly easily?

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I’ve read that people do this, but I also know that you can ship it, I think from HS if you’re okay with not having it for the rest of your trip.

@Randall1028 did yours arrive at your house in 1 piece? (I guess technically 2 pieces, but the correct 2 pieces and no more?)

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Yes, you can leave your lightsaber with bell services if your room isn’t ready. I am sure, also, that you can have it delivered to your resort, since it is merchandise.

@Randall1028 and @Ericaleah both purchased lightsabers recently so they can give you more info on those. @Randall1028 shipped his home. I think @Ericaleah took hers with her on the flight.


Nope, 1 piece. I left the blade and hilt connected and put them all in the bag they give you at Savi’s. Got home just fine. But yes, the blade and hilt disconnect without issues or a lot of effort (look up on youtube how).

Regarding taking it apart and cramming it into bags, you can, but I don’t think there’s a need to do that. In my case, the blade would not fit in my bag no matter what. If you don’t feel like shipping it though, Just put everything in the Savi carrying case and take it on the flight. According to others: it’s treated like a cane or cruches and ends up not needing to go in the overhead bins.

Regarding shipping it thouhg: Dok Ondar’s will ship, but currently the price is a little questionable. I was able to get it done for $18, @Ericaleah said they wanted way more. I’m not sure what’s the price you’ll get when you get there.

The carrying case they give you is fairly comfortable though, you can walk around with the thing slung on your back with minimal issue. As far as sending it back to the hotel, I don’t know if THAT’S possible as opposed to just the front of the parks where you can pick your stuff up? I never did that.


I left my lightsaber with bell services twice and had no issues. I also took the lightsaber in its case and my droid in my backpack on my flight easily. I managed to travel an 11 day trip with no checked baggage either way. I don’t like the hassle of checking baggage. I laid the lightsaber across the underneath of the seats in front of me and just asked my neighbor if it was ok that it was touching her space. It was a short 2 hour frontier flight where I got the seat with extra leg room.

What scared me the most was sending the lightsaber through the x Ray. I wasn’t careful enough about how I positioned it on the tray because I didn’t look at the size of the chamber. Luckily nothing happened to it but I did hear it hit the top of the box.

When I went in mid September to Galaxys Edge crowds were very manageable and rope drop wasn’t a necessity. So unless you are a morning person or you are going at a busy time it may not be necessary to go that early. My lightsaber experience was only half full. I was able to walk up to droid depot and change my time on the spot. I got a same day oga cantina reservation (this was for one person traveling solo which may be easier). I always found a spot to sit and the line for docking bay and blue Milk were not long. When I went on A Friday it was slightly busier, I just did mobile order for my food and milk, which got me served in seconds.
I did notice outside of galaxys edge all around HS it was very crowded. I think most people don’t spend much time in GE and end up going out to the rest of the park which is a mistake because the land comes more to life and reveals its charm the longer you stay there.
Enjoy, whichever path you do! I’m sure it’s beautiful at sunrise and so peaceful. Definitely, check it out at night if possible.


I’m wondering if someone who built one could maybe post a picture of what it looks like (in and out of the bag) and / or the dimensions.

I’m also hoping @mousematt is doing this and posts about his experience with an international flight.

I’m just thinking ahead to our trip when I’m sure we’re going to have at least one, maybe three, plus droid(s). Hoping the light sabres will fit in our cases so we just have the droid(s) with us as carry ons.

Still concerned with Hub airports in the US and then a flight from London. I know we’ll be in transit at London, but concerned they create a fuss about them (at the gate) exceeding allowable dimensions for a carry-on item.


Case with lightsaber in it is 43 inches
When folded for just the blade inside it is 34.5 inches. Lightsaber assembled is 42.5 inches.
Blade alone is 34 inches.
Hilt is 12 inches.


Prepare for disappointment. I cancelled my reservation. I couldn’t justify the cost.


That plus a droid is probably a good chunk of a plane ticket for you

My trip is 3 months away but I’ve already measured my suitcase :rofl:

I wanted to make sure it fits easily with the blade detached, I will pack it in hardcover suitcase. We are making multiple stops and flights on our trip and with two kids and all our carry on luggage, no way I’m carrying that thing. I’ve packed everything from wine bottles to a glass vase in my suitcase before, I’m sure the lightsaber will be fine.


I am NOT a morning person, and I’m from the west half of the country, so it will be super early indeed. Glad to hear it wasn’t super busy for you. But, unless the flights change drastically (they could, I’m planning for Feb 2025) the best option out there puts my flight arriving at 5am. So what to do between 5am and 3pm? Obviously there’s 2-3 hrs involved in getting to the resort, stopping by the front desk to see if maybe they can wrangle a room early for me, and stowing things at bell services. Then a nice sit down breakfast is in order, as I will be coming off a long red eye flight, and a light bland dinner the night before. So that puts me at maybe 9am. Now what?

HS is the only park I don’t feel I need the better part of a day if not more than one day for, so it would be a good use of time, and I might as well do something rather than just lounge around the hotel lobby being cranky and exhausted while waiting for my room. I figure it will also keep me up so I can get to sleep early and get somewhat synchronized to the new time zone. Then I can get up in decent time and hit MK hard the next day.

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This is super helpful thank you! It should fit in my suitcase if I disassemble it, so at least I don’t have to worry about having it shipped.


I’m not doing the droid, either. And the two of them combined are a surprisingly small chunk of my flight costs. Even when I slum it and travel in Premium Economy.


Unless you would miss galaxys edge completely I would just get to the hotel, have a sit down breakfast and sleep on a pool lounger until your room is ready.

With the peasants?

Yes. It’s ghastly.