Light saber - Build your own

Any suggestions on where to take my Jedi to build his own light saber? Is it best in HS or should we go to OUAT. I’m hoping it’s not considered a"weapon" when getting into parks? Any tips on building one? Thxs

We did it at HS. We didn’t really have to wait long in line, but we were there during low crowds. The cast members help your kids build them and I am told the ones at HS are the best. You can also build them at Disney Springs. We had no issues with having them In HS.

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We saw it a HS but the line was very long so we skipped. This was early afternoon on a busy day.

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HS Store = Disney Visa discount (not sure if the other store offers it.)
They CAN create a double sided light saber. For a double sided cost, of course.

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Lol, how much do these suckers cost?

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Don’t know if you have tickets that allow you to visit EP, but if you do…Mousegears has an excellent BYOS (build-your-own-saber) kiosk. It’s not as crowded, and the pieces are not a picked over and dropped in wrong bins. There are one or two CMs there to help with the Force-challenged, as well (like me).

I honestly do not recall. I let up the reigns on the wallet. DS was bursting with joy after waiting (somewhat) patiently for a few days to get back to HS to create his. I know it wasn’t over 100. I wanna say something like 60, but again, I totally forgot. All in all, it was worth it - even though I kinda cringe when I say that.

It’s actually not bad in cost. The least expensive is around $25 for a single blade. Kylo Rens blade is around $30. Not sure how much the double blade costs.


We did it at HS on a crowd level 10 day and it wasn’t bad at all - I don’t think we even waited in a line. One son got the Kylo Ren saber for around $25-30 and the other got the massive double-sided one for around $50. We actually thought the prices were pretty reasonable for what you got - and the kids LOVE them.

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Thanks everyone! My boy has been dreaming of getting one since the last time we went to DW 2 Years ago!