Lifespan of Magic Bands

I’ve seen varying information on the subject, so I’m hoping I can get a definitive answer here (if one exists).

We went to WDW in August of last year. We bought our Magic Bands through the Disney online store in April of 2015.

So, by the time we go to WDW again in August of this year, or bands will be at least 16 months old. Does anyone know if they will still be working for all uses (Fast Pass, ride photo linking in MM, etc…)?

I’m willing to buy new bands if I have to, but I would like to know for sure before I do.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

I don’t know the definitive answer but I’ve read that they last an average of 3 years before the battery dies. I bought the limited release Haunted Mansion band in October 2014 and used it again in February 2015. I also plan to use it in June 2016. However, I pack all of my bands to bring to WDW and make sure I always have an extra in my bag in case the one I’m wearing dies or gets lost while I’m out and about.

An average of 2 years is what I’ve heard.

We were told by a cast member that it’s 2 years. We’re using my son’s magic band from last March, but that’s only a year ago, so I don’t know if that helps you.

We went in Feb 2014 and our bands still worked for our Sept 2015 trip. if that helps. I’ve heard an average of 2 years.

Thank you for all of the replies in this topic. As I suspected, there is no solid information on the lifespan available. I guess we’ll have to take our chances.

I’ve seen this explained several times on other sites. The battery is only for a few features, not the main ones. Most of the functions deal with the RFID chip in the band, which does not have the life issue. Here’s a good post on another site that I could easily find:

“Just keep in mind that there is a battery in there that does have a finite life cycle. It is not used for most of the interactions (i.e. entering parks, resort rooms, charging purchases, photo pass photographers, etc.) but it is used for the long range stuff… (i.e. ride photos is the main thing now… but they keep hinting at more in the works). I think they said the expected life cycle of the battery is 2-3 years. After that, they will still work for the short range stuff (i.e. Mickey head to Mickey head), but you might not get your ride photos automatically, and talking Mickey at the Town Square Theater might not address you by name.”

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