Life serves you Lemons

You make Mickey waffles!
We sent our Mickey waffle maker over to DD yesterday, they are putting it to good use today.



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Yum! Now I need Mickey waffles!!!

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Love it!

Anyone who wants a fun family Disney activity… Try this.

Alexa… Play Disney hits

First to guess the movie gets a point.

Doing this right now, my ds7 is smoking & dd9 and mom and dad… Very fun way to spend the morning.

After lunch, going to treat ourselves to Mickey Ice Cream Bars!


But never count Dad out… Pulled it out on the last song to win by a ¹\² point over my son. That was a fun morning activity.


Last night I put stuffed animals and figures throughout the house. Mickey and friends in the kitchen, frozen in the dining room, princesses in the front entry hall, and all others in the family room. I attached a jump rope to a Thomas the train thing my kids can sit in. When the kids woke up, I played IASW theme song and pulled them around the rooms on thomas.