Liberty Tree Tavern menu

When did Liberty Tree Tavern change their menu to an all you can eat version? I ate there in September of 2019 and it was a pretty regular menu. Now, it’s $39 for adults and $21 for kids. I made a reservation for lunch on 4/4 and my wife just looked at the menu and brought that up. Not a lot of big eaters, so doubt we would get our “money’s worth” there.

A lot of Disney restaurants have been using one lunch/dinner menu since reopening. Have you looked to see if they will be offering a special Easter menu that day?

I think it’s been like that since reopening after the COVID closure. Lots of restaurants have smaller menus currently.

Yeah, it’s the COVID menu. They used to have a “standard” menu that I think was served only during lunch. The dinner menu, I believe, was always the “Thanksgiving” all-you-can eat. (I admit I’m not 100% on that last part as the family meal is so yummy that’s the only thing my family & I get there!)

I didn’t even realize there was a “standard” menu until about 4 - 5 years ago!


You’re right. I hope the pot roast comes back at lunch for my next trip, it is so good!

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We may just keep the reservation. That is the day we move from Universal to Boardwalk, so we may not be moving especially quickly to rope drop, so that reservation may be needed as I have a feeling MK is going to be crazy!

DW had surgery in November and wasn’t even sure she was going, so I didn’t worry about reservations as my two boys (12 and 8) aren’t necessarily daring eaters, so quick service was going to be fine. Now that she is definitely going, she has asked about reservations and I’ve been scrambling to find some and have grabbed some without really looking at the menus.

My favorite was seeing a Sanaa opening and thinking it was at AK instead of AKL. I quickly dropped that one, as we don’t want to leave the park for lunch if we don’t have to.

At Thanksgiving ,I’m responsible for making the turkey for the extended family visit because everyone loves it. (I use Alton Brown’s brine recipe w/ a couple added extras)

However, my wife & daughter like to tease me every year by saying, "You know the turkey at LTT is so much better!)


Me too! Brining the bird makes it so much better. Then, we BBQ it.

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