Liberty Tree Tavern Dinner - Kids

I have a very picky kiddo (he’s on the autism spectrum and really has a hard time trying anything outside the realm of his comfort zone). Anyway, I have my heart set on dinner at Liberty Tree while we are MK, and I’ve had a reservation booked there for months now. The dinner menu is everything DH, DD8, and I would love, but I know my son just won’t touch any of it. Since it’s family style, I’m not sure what will happen. Will they make me something for him he WILL eat (butter noodles or fruit dish or something)? Will they charge me for him if he doesn’t eat? I’d prefer to just feed him before we go in there and let him chill while we eat (not an uncommon thing for us when we go out), but I don’t want to pay $19 for him to basically drink chocolate milk.

Anyone have any experience with this or know what my options might be? TIA!

I’d call Disney to make sure, but they usually are very accommodating of special needs of any type. Since dinner is “family style”, he will be charged no matter how much he eats, so I’d make sure with the restaurant that they will provide alternate selections on request.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet they will, though.

I have two boys on the spectrum as well. I can understand your issue! I would contact Disney dinning and talk to them. They possibly could treat it like they would anyone with a food allergy. I think they will provide alternative meals for them. It is worth a shot. Good luck!

We dined there with a soy allergic four year old. They were helpful to bring him his own basket of rolls and his own bowl of ice cream. He was able to eat a lot of the food there. It is very casual and fast. Warning, it wa loud and hectic.