Liberty Tree OR O'hana!

Hello everyone,

9 of us (4 adults and 5 kids age 11,10,9,8,7) will be travelling to WDW during the last week of March. We will have two MK days. For one of them, we planning to go to Hoop De Doo. (My family did this a couple of years ago during a “rest” day and it was such a pain to get to -resort to resort) We are going to go on a MK day so we can take the boat! We will hopefully get a 4pm reservation so we can go back to MK for the fireworks. This will serve as a bit of a break that day!

For our other MK day, I am trying to decide between Liberty Tree and O’Hana. We would love the food at both I am sure (I have looked at the menus and watched some food blog videos). Which would you recommend?

Thanks for your help!!

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Liberty Tree!!! There is usually at least two items that appeal to everyone in the group…and you don’t have to leave the park and go back through security.


Ohana! I feel like Liberty Tree is solid. But it always feels like a little bit better than Cracker Barrel. Where as Ohana is unique (at least to us southerners).


Given that you’re doing hoop Dee Doo I would say go totally different and do Ohana


This is a really good point. Ohana is completely different food from Hoop, whereas Liberty Tree is similar. Given this perspective, I change my vote to Ohana. (Plus, I’m still a bit miffed that Liberty Tree staff didn’t do more to get our whole family near each other for Thanksgiving dinner after we waited almost an hour to be seated.)


I vote Ohana. It’s more unique and I :heart: Polynesian!


Thank you everyone for your help!!!

I was thinking it would be nice to see the Polynesian and the kids would be excited to do the monorail! This confirmed my thoughts and I will *try to book O’Hana!


Ohana is hard to get reservations at for dinner, especially for that big a group. I would suggest calling them way in advance. Only way online is during your 60 day prior reservation setup. Because of the view of MK fireworks at 9pm don’t even think about it without a way advanced reservation

Thanks for the advice! I am going to schedule it towards the end of our trip which will help with the reservation since we are staying on site!

We will want an earlier reservation (around 5pm) so that we can go back to MK to enjoy the fireworks from inside the park!

Fingers crossed we can get a reservation! I didn’t realize you could call in advance?

Only way at all is 60 days + 10, online or on the phone. That’s as way far in advance as anyone is allowed to make any ADR

Thanks for clarifying! That is what I thought!

I will be trying to snag this at 60 + 7 so hopefully I will have some luck!

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