Liberty or skippers?

I have tweaked and tweaked my plans. I finally got an early lunch res at BOG for our MK day. We also have the dessert party that night. My question is would you pick Liberty tree tavern or skippers canteen?? for a early dinner on that same day.

Liberty Tree is a long time favorite for me, but has converted to family style service and thus a limited menu … that might help with your decision.

Crystal Place might be more to your liking as it is a buffet. Eat what you want. :grin:

If it was lunch, I would say Liberty Tree without a doubt. We eat there every trip, in fact we will be eating lunch there on Easter this year. We have been to Skippers only once, and while it was okay we prefer LTT. At dinner time you have to do the platter at LTT (lunch is ala carte or you can get the platter). I think their dinner would be way too much food on a night you have the dessert party. You will be stuffed already as LTT includes salad, a huge platter of meats and sides, plus a delicious dessert the ooey gooey toffee cake. So in this case I would choose Skippers. Or if I have to honest, I would eat a QS meal so as not to be so full. That’s what we are doing on Easter- LTT for early lunch and something like Columbia Harbour House or Pecos Bill for an early dinner before the dessert party.

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I’d do the Skipper Canteen because I think the Liberty Tree family-style meal would be too heavy with your other dining that day. Skipper has lighter choices and doesn’t have dessert included so you can save room for dessert party desserts.