Letting FPP Expire

I read somewhere that as of May 2016, you have to use all FPP’s before being able to get more - you can’t let them expire. My wife doesn’t like rollercoasters but on our trip last year, I got her a FP along with ours so in case she decided to ride, she could. When she didn’t use it, the FP just expired after the time block and we were able to get 4th and 5th FPP with no problems. Will that not work now? I guess she could just go through the FP line with us and then not get on the ride? She’s always afraid they will make her ride…

No one will ever “make” someone ride. There is always a “chicken exit” for people to politely opt out, for any reason.

Yes you can still let them expire and still book additional ones later. Though you’ll have to wait until the full hour has expired.

Instead of letting it expire (and having to wait an hour to book a new one), just cancel hers. Then you can book another immediately. I just did this two weeks ago.


Expired FP can cause issues for booking tier 1 FPP as a forth FP. One of the touring plan staff did a test on this. If you are in a park with tiers and you let one of your three FP expire, then you are not able to book any additional FP that park in the tier 1 category. It was in a discussion about booking only 1 FP (tier 1) in a park and then being able to book another tier 1 FP same day in a different park as your second. I will see if I can find it again. Changes to FP+

Thanks for the info - so it sounds like my safest plan that would cause the least problems would be to have her “use” her FP by going through the line with us but not ride the coaster if she chooses not to?

Or someone could go for a second ride using that magic band.

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That sounds even better! I never thought of that.

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