Let's talk weather (b/c I've planned everything there is to plan)

Late winter/early spring weather is apparently quite variable in Orlando. My upcoming trip days have predicted temps from low of 50 to high of 84 (e.g., 50/73, 61/80, 65/85). That would be Fahrenheit for all of you from advanced civilizations that use good measurement systems.

It is hard to tell what weather feels like out of season (it’s cold here still!). Is a high of 82-84 unpleasantly hot if the lows are in high 50s/low 60s? I assume that humidity is lower than summer months and the lower lows probably make only the afternoons hit 80s but I really don’t know. Is this hoodie in the morning, melting puddle of sweat by afternoon weather? Are the lows at 3 am and then it’s 79 by 9 am? The kids will swim unless the water is frozen but we are only planning a couple afternoons to swim. What are your preferred temps for all-day park touring?

That’s similar weather to what we experienced last month and it was just about perfect. The last two days it did get into the low 80s and felt hot but I was never super sweaty and mostly stayed comfortable.

We all wore hoodies/light jackets in the morning or simply layed light long sleeve tees under our short sleeve ones.

We were there last week. The first two days were in the high 80s, day three was in the 50s/60s and rainy, day four started out at, like, 40 but warmed up (but still I wore jeans and a hoodie all day), and then we were back in the 80s. Coming from Ontario (still definitely winter) it felt REALLY hot the first day, but then we got used to it. The wet day was kind of unpleasant because I was underdressed and I got wet feet. The cold day was pretty cold (although you couldn’t see your breath, so that actually surprised me) but sunny and comfortable by about 11am. On the hot days we pretty much started in shorts and tshirts with hoodies over them for the first hour or so.

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Isn’t that when everybody goes to Mexico? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejxA1EurYtQ :slightly_smiling_face:

My go to weather site is weather underground. They have a fabulous 10 day view which shows how temperatures are expected to fluctuate by day so you can get a good understanding of when your actual peak temperatures will happen and if the ‘cold’ part of the day will be over by 7am or last until noon.

Weather Underground - Orlando

Thanks–I’ve never looked at that site. The way they have the fluctuations by hour is really cool. Will follow that in the coming days (my first 3 days are on the 10-day forecast now!!).


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I tried Weather Underground for a while. Found they were one of the LEAST accurate of the sites I tried. None of them are perfect, though. I’ve tried weather.com (overall, the most accurate…but I REALLY hate the amount of ads!), WeatherBug, Weather Underground, AccuWeather (trending toward inaccurate, despite the name!).

I settled on WeatherBug on my phone. It isn’t AS accurate as weather.com, but it also is quite tolerable in terms of ads.

Yes. This is key. In Florida (as with elsewhere) it is the humidity, not the heat. So going when humidity levels are lower is great, even if temps are nearing 90.

Still, it is Florida. Hot days will still feel hot. Rain is still likely (a pop-up shower on any given day). And evening temps can be widely variable.

We use Dark Sky, which also has a “by the hour” breakdown of each day with temp, precip, humidity, UV index etc. Also love their push rain warnings which always seem to be accurate; if we know it’s going to rain for 18 minutes we can plan accordingly.

Do you use the app or just site?

I use the app. :slight_smile:

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