Let's take some guesses...how will MMRR effect the RD madness at HS's?

So, MMRR opening is right around the corner and the RD situation at HS’s sound like madness right now with the mad dash to SDD and MFSR after the BG carziness. Large crowds early that die down some late in the day. RD lines for SDD and MFSR are insane with less, but still significant crowds towards ToT and RnRC.

Let’s FF a week and talk about how the capacity of another headliner may actually help out the RD madness. At this time, masses are split into 2 large masses and a smaller mass. With a 3rd headliner, the RD crowd should split into 3 main groups: MMRR, SDD, MFSR. Still have the minor rush to the thrill rides as well. In theory, I think this may make RD a bit more manageable My biggest question is how will the percentages split between the 3 main groups?.I really don’t see the crowds being much worse from a total volume, but it could significantly reduce the percentages going together.

So is anyone else agreeing that this will help HS’s RD as a whole? Any guess on what the best RD targets of the 3 will be? Seeing quite a few guesses that it will be SDD due to being the oldest of the 3. If that is the case, this could make TSL a manageable get in and get out target.

I’m eight days out and don’t feel it has helped. I chose to give up my SDD FP for it, which means I now have to figure out how to navigate riding that plus get a BG for ROTR. HS seems super complicated right now, so the addition of a new attraction doesn’t help, IMO. (I’m here for it, though.) :laughing:

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Since I have a FP for SDD (might drop though) and the only things I’m setting my expectations to ride are ToT at rope drop and RoTR with a BG I’m thinking crowds running to MMRR will help. I’m not even going to attempt that. I’m not attempting MFSR either unless it’s at 30 min. I’m going March 10.

So another factor to throw into the calculus - age and “adventurousness” of who is there for the 8am RD. MMRR is a totally different crowd appeal than RotR, MFSR, SDD or the “thrill rides” section. Its the only headliner ride without a height limit with pretty much zero thrill. I almost wonder if after a month or so it won’t change RD all that much because the people that are willing to show up for 8am RD and a BG aren’t really looking for that type of ride (with the exception of a relatively few Disney diehards). It will obviously pull some people from the other crowds because its new and nostalgic, but I don’t think it has the staying power and repeatability for the RD crowds that the others do (maybe after I ride it I will feel differently). I could be wildly wrong given that PPF is still super popular (something I really don’t understand), but that’s a different park with completely different logistics.


Maybe not, Mickey's Runaway Railway VS Slinky Dog
Seems to have somewhat intense motion. My mom got very woozy after Expedition Everest the first time she rode it (she can ride ride Star Tours and Rockin Roller Coaster). We were planning on getting FPPs for MMRR, now I am rethinking.

We are willing to get up early for RotR. If we needed to be at HS at 6 am to get a BG, it could be done. However, we typically aren’t RD people even though most of my family is morning people. We really don’t like standing in a mass of humanity for 1 hour prior to park opening so as to have a shorter wait for a ride…My sister’s expectations for HS day are currently “arrive early to try for a BG and survive.” I am thinking we RD ToT (the favorite ride of 2 people in my travel group) since we have to RD something.

We also have several people who would really like to explore SW:GE. I originally got us a 9 am Olga’s ADR when I thought the park would open at 7 am for late May trip. Now it’s looking like 8 am openings and a major crowd in SW:GE in the morning. I don’t want to deal with that early in the day so I moved our Olga’s ADR to 5 pm. Planning on riding MFSR later in the day too.

I am cautiously optimistic that MMRR will help alleviate RD mayhem. If a segment of the target demographic can’t handle MMRR from a motion sickness perspective, it may end up being open season again for HS RD in May.

I’ll be at DHS twice on our trip coming up in mid-March. I have a MF:SR FPP for one day and a MMRR FPP on the other day we’ll be there. I’m hoping to RD SDD and am cautiously (but not overly) optimistic that adding MMRR to the mix will make the mad dash for SDD a little less intense. I’m looking forward to seeing the reports start coming in next week.

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I don’t think it’s going to help much. Most of the rides can hold ~1,500 guest per hour and the majority of that capacity goes to fastpass.

I think we have to wait for the reviews of MMRR to come in. In general, does anyone else feel like the hype for this ride is pretty quiet? Is that any indication of crowd demand?

I gave up one of my MFSR FPP for this ride (and still don’t have SDD) without knowing exactly how fun the ride will be. In my case, I’m kinda hoping its great, which will draw crowds away from RD SDD so I can do that, since I have FPP for everything else.

I expect MMRR to initially be busy. Like TGMR before it, it appeals to whole families in a way little else at HS does (as far as rides go). I’m mildly interested in it because it is new, but I’ll admit I don’t really care about Mickey Mouse so much. As such, I’m having trouble imagining on-going demand for this on a repeat-rider basis. I think families will ride it because they can, and little kids will be more into the Mickey and animated feel of it much in the same way FEA is still popular. (I’m not suggesting adults won’t like it/enjoy…only that I think the main draw will be families with younger kids.)

From a FPP perspective, I don’t expect it to draw much away from MFSR…but I do think it might split the draw on SDD…again, due the family appeal. That is, the thrill ride type will still prefer MFSR, but now instead of just SDD for the families, you have MMRR as well.

From a RD perspective? I’m not sure how much it will help. Everyone is racing around doing their RD preference first in massive crowds, and then will immediately move on to their NEXT RD preference since there are no shows to draw the crowds into this early. Also, if the appeal for MMRR really will be mostly families, I think you’ll see it busy steadily all day. Probably best time to ride will be evening.

These are my guesses based on my patented techniques. :slight_smile:

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