Let's rant about trivial things!

Overwhelmingly my planning experience has been a positive one. But two things have stood out as being slightly annoying.

First, when it comes to paying the balance of a hotel booking. It’s virtually impossible to find how you actually do this. The e-mail reminder includes a pdf letter which mentions a link, but it’s not clickable. There’s nowhere I could find on MDE. I ended up Googling it.

Second, UOR’s Show Times page is hopeless. It’s currently only listing show times up to 18th May. It hasn’t been updated for weeks. I moaned at them on twitter about all the out-of-date show times, and they removed those, but they haven’t added new ones. This matters because a lot of shows don’t seem to be on every day. For example I want to see the Nighttime Lights of Hogwart’s Castle — I need to know what nights these are on so I can decide which days to visit OUR. In the end I’ve just picked two days and am hoping for the best.

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Rant rant rant rant

Yes that’s very annoying.


They’re not questions. They’re rants. You’re supposed to say, “Yes, that’s very annoying.”

I’m so confused. That IS what I said. Verbatim.



You want to pay your Disney hotels now?

Yes, when I was paying off our package, I found where each time, but it was not intuitive and I had to search/relearn each time.

If only there were some way to check if someone had edited their post.


I wanted to pay for this year’s ones. Not next year’s. That’s not due till May 2019. They’re not getting it a second earlier.

Room only? It is usually processed automatically the night before checkout. I always call to pay it early.

You’ve inspired me to add another rant to this list.

UK booking terms are completely different to US booking terms.


Yes, but that also applies to our tickets. And parking fees.

So don’t rant too much!

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Oh! It is like how we can rebook cruises at lower prices but the rules are different in the UK?

You’ve got me all confused now.

I don’t get @PrincipalTinker’s point, then.

That sounds like you don’t pay in advance.

We pay one night only for room only in advance.

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We can get 14 day tickets, and very often for the same price as a 7 day ticket. 10 days is the max for US, then they have to buy an AP.

And ours have park hoppers and water parks etc as standard. And memory Maker. And they’re still cheaper than the US 10 day tickets.

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ROFLMAO. I am thankful that I was not in the middle of a drink or I would have a wet computer.

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