Let's do another Disney Birthday Trip! 2020 version!

Ok, so resort is finalized…

Coronado Springs, Standard View Room (not Tower)

I’m good with this - and excited to try something new-ish - my only other visit to Coronado Springs was probably October 2000 (I remember I went in October and I was living in Raleigh, NC and I was only there for 2 Octobers and would not have had vacation yet the first one). That time I was put in Casitas (first room I was given someone was still in - I think they were in the bathroom when I went in and saw suitcase and partly eaten cookie and other things around!!). This time I’ve requested Cabanas section, with corner room and top floor being second and third priorities.

Here is what I have scheduled as of now:

Here’s what I have now:


  • arrival scheduled to MCO at 7:37
  • DME to CSR
  • grab my mug and something using a snack credit
  • to MK for the day
  • 11:30 BOG lunch - this one is highly subject to change
  • 6:30 Skipper Canteen dinner


  • 8:05 Garden Grill breakfast
  • probably Epcot for the morning
  • 2:30 - Sangria University at Three Bridges at Coronado
  • 5:35 Beaches & Cream dinner with my friend Katie
  • leaning towards Studios for the evening (Star Wars is a non-issue for me, so going in the evening is not a big loss) and Fantasmic with Studios evening EMH - Katie is on board with an evening park

7/20 (birthday)

  • 7:30 - Bon Voyage Breakfast - figured if I’m going to be better off grabbing a Lyft anyway, I might as well go early. Pondering a change to Cape May Cafe (a favorite) or 'Ohana as I do love my Stitch.
  • issues - res finder won’t really help with the hour each side window)
  • Animal Kingdom for the day
  • 1:00 FOTLK Tier 1 w/3:30pm show
  • ROL Dessert Party


  • 8:30am Topolino’s Terrace with my friend Cristen (all day play time)
  • maybe Studios for the day
  • 5:30pm La Hacienda
  • stay in Epcot for the evening show (be it Epcot Forever or Harmonius) and evening EMH


  • 8:20 Crystal Palace
  • MK for the day with evening EMH
  • Probably will take a break for a bit back at CSR
  • 5:30pm Toledo for dinner - somehow I thought this was a 2 credit place, but no only 1. So if I drop BOG lunch I’ll have an extra credit to burn
  • back to MK for evening EMH


  • 8:30 Tusker House breakfast
  • Animal Kingdom for the day until about 3:30
  • Back to CSR - probably grab a bite at Three Bridges which would be cash/gift card as it’s not on the Dining Plan from what I can tell.


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Good choice. I think you will be impressed with the changes at CSR.

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I’m really glad that you had everything figured out and didn’t need any changes :rofl::rofl::see_no_evil::scream::see_no_evil::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Sounds like an awesome trip, however it finally comes together!! :laughing:


At least I’m in good company around here for tweaks! Haha!!


All of your trips sound fun! No matter how it pans out your birthday will be a blast!

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Couldn’t resist. :sunglasses:

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Hey, COVID-19 has done what nothing else has managed to do. Make me stick with my booked resort and cruises - at least for the foreseeable future - because I’m not going to add to my TA’s stress!!

No guarantees on the ADRs as I can change those myself. Haha!!