Let’s Fix Disney World!

That’s also a part of my logic!


This gets my vote.

Right now, there’s nothing “Disney” about the ride, the gas smell is horrific (and cannot be healthy for the cast members), and it eats up a huge amount of valuable real estate with very low throughput. I’m shocked it’s stuck around this long.


You could chuck a Wall-E dark ride there. Have the guests riding through in the same mobility scooters they used in the movie


That could be really cool!

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Yes this!!



Don’t you mean the Adorable Snowman? :wink:




I do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rofl::rofl:


LOVE this idea!!


I think they should just keep what they have operational. Our last trip they had a ton of downtime in EP, DHS, and MK. Maybe hire additional maintenance crew? I don’t need a 5th gate b/c I can barely afford the 4 they have now. :slight_smile:


Instead of 5th gate, I wonder if/how folks would rearrange the current rides (or even lands!) across the 4 parks.

Would you move GotG and TRON to HS? the Seas Pavilion to AK? Buzz to HS?


We all know how much I love this ride!! But just this weekend DH and we’re talking about how dated RNRC is and I said they missed an easy retheme using the GOTG! So many song options!!


In my “you could change anything” dream. It’s always about getting as many things repaired and refurbished as possible. So many attractions are in “B” mode with no plans to ever go back to full mode. (Why spend $$$ when ppl still show up?!?)

Sadly, so many new guests & kids have no idea that this is “b” mode or what was intended… So that’s another reason to not invest. (They don’t know what they’re missing!)

I’d hire as many people as possible as well. I used to love WDW because it was a 5-star resort because I knew every CM was amazing and everything was going to be taken care of. If there was an issue it got resolved on the spot.

There’s not enough park services cleaning the place these days and the lack of street entertainment is absurd. (Especially when you see Universal loaded up with street shows & entertainers)

We gotta “fix” what’s already there before we can change anything…

I don’t see it happening. Disney seems to have stopped investing in the parks and is more about streaming


I thought the streaming thing was already failing?
Didn’t I read somewhere that D+ is operating at a loss?


That doesn’t mean they’re gonna stop trying!! :rofl:

I could’ve made my point by saying…

Disney doesn’t seem to invest in the parks nearly as much anymore…

The point is the same w/out the unnecessary last part of the sentence. :innocent:


I’ve tried to find a way to ask this question without sounding snarky but I’m at a loss so I’m just going to ask it.

How do you know this if you haven’t been in the parks in years?

In my few years living in FL I noticed more areas in need of paint in UOR than I do at WDW. I admit it’s worse than all my years visiting DLR but it isn’t dirty🤷‍♀️


You are correct. I haven’t gone in a while. I have too much free time. I watch a lot of videos and photos all over social media. I’ve seen overflowing garbage at EPCOT and DHS. I’ve listened & spoke with CMs that I’ve friended on multiple platforms. They all lament these issues that I’ve mentioned.

I may not be “on the ground”, but I have seen to what I’m speaking about.

I also have this same issue when we talk. You present yourself as a “defender” of Disney and seem to want to compare UOR & WDW in a combative way regularly. I went through threads to find examples. There were a few, but this one from today seems to sum up what I’m saying and how you present yourself…

You habitually want to start a debate about WDW vs. UOR. I don’t. I really don’t…

I like them both!! Neither of them is “better” than the other. They both do amazing and terrible things.

Let me be clear… I have no allegiance to these corporate overlords. I’m literally, here, trying to say how much I like WDW, and I wish it was better.

I hope going forward this helps you understand that I’m not coming from a view of "I go to UOR more now. It’s MY HOME! I must defend it!!

I’m just a guy who loves themed entertainment from anywhere!

I don’t want to hijack this topic if there’s a personal issue here. My DMs are open and I’m happy to have a polite chat about this or anything else! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Iger announced a couple months ago now I believe it was the intention to invest $17 billion into the parks, generating 10,000 NEW jobs. I watched a video analyzing this amount, and it could be enough to build a 5th gate…but it also could be enough to do some of the blue sky kind of expansions that were hinted at at the D23 event, plus some.

Iger rightfully sees the Disney Parks as where they can make lots of money…but they need to increase capacity to do so…and the only way to do is to ADD to the parks, or add a park, or both.


This is true. Obviously they need to make changes to fix that, which I’m sure they are trying to do.

I cancelled my D+ subscription. Ironically, we have been watching more D+ than ever since I cancelled so as to get in those last few things we’ve wanted to watch before the cut-off date hits. (I’m slightly more than halfway through Avatar Way of Water…and so far I’m pleasantly surprised…it is actually better then the first one.)