Less magic in August heat?

Ok, I’m going to try not to be negative here because Disney is truly my happy place. Just an observation though that there was far less “magic” on our last trip than on all of our other trips.
So we generally go when crowds are low and weather is decent, usually October or January/February. I had to travel to Florida for work in late August so we decided to take the family and go to Disney while we were there. I was nervous about Disney in the August heat, but although it was pretty hot, the heat was manageable and didn’t bother us. What we noticed though is that cast members were far less accommodating and friendly, and people in general were more short tempered. We heard parents yelling at children and lots of fighting and arguing…it really didn’t sound like the happiest place on earth in some cases. As for the cast members, there were definitely some who were what we have come to expect from Disney cast, and some who went above and beyond. I think though, there were more who were just there, rather than those who really enjoyed being there.
This was our first stay at AKL also. We are DVC members and wanted to give it a try. What a beautiful place, great view from Savannah view room, great pools, lots of amenities. We just felt like the cast at AKL was far less enthusiastic and accommodating than other resorts we stayed at. Not enough so that we had a bad experience, but not what we expect from Disney. On check in, we were not welcomed home, and when I tried to get the room for another night, they basically said the room was available but I would need to go figure out how to book it myself. Last stay at BLT, the cast member was able to do this for me within 2 minutes.
Anyway just some observations. I guess I’m just wondering if we are totally crazy, maybe just had an abnormal experience, or if maybe others have noticed some of these same things in the August heat? Or at AKL?
We will be back in October for a stay at the poly and looking forward to our normal Disney magic!


We didn’t notice any particular difficulties or lack of helpfulness with cast members, sorry to hear that you did. I think that any difference is probably a result of the much higher crowds making people generally more grumpy, rather than the August heat .