Les Halles right after Remy?

Is breakfast at Les Halles a good option if we rode drop Remy?

We plan to be RD Remy from the International Gateway. I know we may have to wait a few minutes for Les Halles to open if we are near the front of the RD pack getting on Remy, but we are considering just waiting until it opens for breakfast. Anyone with experience with this recently? Is it overwhelmingly busy at open? Any other reasons we should reconsider and visit later in the day?

Yes! We did this on Saturday, March 16 for reference and it worked out well. We were actually towards the back of the rope drop line at IG around 8:15/20ish and were off Remy around 8:45. I was surprised to see that Les Halles wasn’t open yet but I was roughly 10-15th in line. Time stamp on this picture is 9:21.

I would definitely think you would wait longer at any other part of the day.


And you found a table to enjoy it! Score! Thanks for the great info.

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This corner used to be our favorite pre-Remy and my DH was very worried that it would be gone. It’s a bit of a thoroughfare now but it’s still there! It was a little wet that early.

It was somewhat of a frenzy actually inside the pavilion as big parties were already staking out tables and stuff. I got the impression that some people definitely rope dropped Les Halles.


I’m leaning toward trying this approach next month but also want to see Impressions de France during the hour it’s showing in the morning. Posted hours are 8:30-9:30, and it’s an 18 minute film. So I’d guess the best case showtimes are 8:30, 8:50, 9:10, and 9:30. Anyone know if that’s accurate?

We probably won’t have enough time to get food and eat it before 9:30 unless we’re at the front of the Les Halles line. So we might need to do Remy, then the film, then Les Halles. Any idea how long the line would be by then?

Normally, I wouldn’t do a film this early in the day but we’re unlikely to be in this area when it shows again in the evening. Fortunately I’m wanting this to be a pretty chill day anyway. The other “must do” attractions are Guardians, Nemo, Seas Tanks, Moana, and Gran Fiesta Tour. Spend the rest of the day wandering the World Showcase, and then whatever we can get to during EEH.

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Les Halles is wicked slow no matter how you slice it. I don’t quite get it, but between the convoluted setup and let’s say the culture of the employees it just doesn’t move fast. I don’t know anything about the times of Impressions de France but I remember walking by it being surprised it was even open that early. I think you will be fine if you do the movie before Les Halles. You are probably going to end up going back to Future World after this because you won’t really want to go all the way through WS to Mexico at 9:30 in the morning. So I think you’ll be fine.


I was trying to fit this in also, but on our Epcot day (5/9) Touring plans is showing that it is only showing starting at 7pm. I wonder if that’s accurate or if it will have its normal morning showings as well.