Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

I know if you buy stuff in the gift shops while in the parks they can send then to your room or resort. I wanted to buy some pastries at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie but I don’t want to be walking around with them all day. Will they send them to our resort or will they hold them so I can pick then up on my way out?

I doubt it.You line up and then choose what you want as a server moves around as you do, boxing it up. You then pay and exit.

Can you go on your way out?

Another option could be to rent a small locker. There are lockers by the IG exit.

Seriously doubt they’d commit to having the food stored at the right temperature. Too many food safety issues with that from my laymens opinion.

The resorts hold groceries milk, soda ect… I would be happy if Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie would hold it till I leave the park at 10pm. This is a lost opportunity for Disney. How many bakeries are on property? If you can order groceries why not baked goods.

They usually hold stuff at the exits right also at Epcot. I know they do at Epcot because they sell those bottles of wine, etc. and they do not want people walking around with a bottle of wine or liquor! They might hold it but that is really close to the lockers at International Gateway also. Now I’m thinking there needs to be a courier service like Uber Eats or whatever so they can just deliver my Epcot food straight to me :slight_smile:

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From my understanding nothing live or perishable can be sent to the resorts. I have no clue about holding them at the gate.

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You’re not ordering the groceries from Disney.

They won’t let you use package pickup for food of any kind. Even pre-boxed items like cookies, etc.