Length of time for refund?

I had to cancel my May 11th room-only reservation at Coronado. The room was canceled via MDE and when I look in MDE it says I currently have no plans, etc. But the original room charge is still showing on my credit card . Any idea how long it takes to reverse a charge? I was thinking 3-5 days but it’s been a week now. I’m sure they are slammed but want to make sure that charge gets reversed.

Slightly different than your situation. Our room was cancelled as we were to be at WDW this week. We got a refund right away. However the magic bands we bought online were to be waiting for us at our hotel when we arrived. I’ve been told that refund could take 10-14 business days.

Yeah it’s funny b/c when I cancelled it said the funds would be credited right hack to the Visa but then it never actually happened now that I am checking my credit card.

They usually say 7-10 business days (meaning not Saturday and Sunday). Though with the volume they are doing right now it may take a tad longer. BUT your card is what takes the time to show back up. Disney pretty much processes things immediately. Fuss at your card company - after 10 business days.

I cancelled a March 27 reservation on March 14th. Refund was credited back to my card 2 days later. It was not a reversal in that the original charge did not disappear… it is still there, they just credited me back the same amount.