Length of dinner at Royal Table

Has anyone done the cinderellas royal table dinner? Just wondering how long I can expect to be there for? We have a reservation at 5:50 and I know the electrical parade starts at 7:00pm. We only have one chance to see it and I’d truly hate to miss it. Thoughts?

You might be cutting it really close. My DW and I had our anniversary dinner there in March and took lots of pictures. The first picture I have with us at the table before we had ordered was taken at 6:57 pm, and the last picture at the restaurant after we have finished our dessert was at 8:15 pm.

That being said, it was really busy at MK the day we were there – at CL 10, so it might depend when you are planning to be there.

You would hate to rush the dinner too, because CRT is a great experience. (Of course, so is the parade.)

I hope this helps.

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Last year we had a reservation for 6:40. We were not let in one minute sooner. Then there was the photo op with Cinderella before you get to go up to the restaurant. We didn’t know anything about this part. We were the 2nd group that was let into this area and we were held in there for at least 25 minutes. So, by the time we got to our table it was past 7. We had an amazing table at a window and watched Wishes from there. It was DD’s birthday celebration and it was truly magical. Long story short, you do not want to rush this meal. It’s very pricey (dining plan or out of pocket) but definitely worth doing at least once. I’d allot 2 hours for this easily.

that is great to know. Thank you so much. I have changed around my plans a little so that we can catch both the parade and wishes on our first day at MK. The day that we do not have any ADR’s.

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it…and I still have to wait 6 months!

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