Len...or someone, please explain

Had my 60 FP window a few days ago. SDD fp’s…gone! The CL was recently revised down to a two. How does that make sense?

It’s complicated and I won’t explain it because someone else can do a much better job of it. But, don’t give up. My 60 day window was a week ago and I have been able to get some FPs I couldn’t get at my 1st booking window, and I have also been able to better my times. But I check things out several times a day.


How many days are you onsite for? I’m not sure these days, but usually at the 60 day booking window you can find some times for the 3rd day of your trip and more availability when you get to the 4th day or later.

Admittedly, our HS day is early in our trip, but with a crowd level of two, I expected there to be some availability at the 60 day window. I did manage to get FoP later on on our trip.

SDD is one of the hardest FPP to get throughout the 4 parks. Remember that on day 60, you aren’t the first one with access to that day. If your DHS day is earlier in your trip that is likely why you saw no availability.

I would suggest registering for fp4me (put yourself on the waitlist if they don’t have availability), and if SDD is too priority, try to plan that to either be an early start or late evening so you can ride at opening or close if you don’t get the pass.

There are a limited number of FPs a day, and everybody wants SDD. Even on a CL2, there are a lot more people in the park than there are FPs available. Plus as others have pointed out, your 1st day might be my 14th. Thousands of people have booked for that day and that park before your window opened up.


I always start watching this leading up to my FP day so that I know what is available:


One of the problems with CL measurements is that people often get the mistaken idea that CLs 1-2 represent near empty parks. Yes, back in the post 9/11 days this was true, but with increased tourism, aggressive WDW marketing, and WDW messing around with staffing levels there are lots of people in the parks, even on a CL 1 day.

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Thanks! I think I need to use this.

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I started looking at it yesterday!

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SDD? My acronym list doesn’t say. Can you help? Thanks

Slinky Dog Dash

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