Legoland TP?

Does anyone know if this plan is still the best way to tour Legoland Florida?

Has anyone been lately and have additional suggestions?

I was there about a year ago on weekday in October. We did look at the TP you linked in your post. If you want to do the driving and flying school I would go back to that first since by the time we got back there (about an hour after park opening) those lines were kind of long but my kids didn’t care to do them so we skipped it. We had good luck with crowds and didn’t wait much more than 15 min all day for things so I cant offer much more insight. unless you are going over a holiday or weekend, I wouldn’t worry too much about crowds there.

Thank you! :smile:

we were there last month. There are additional attractions there now that aren’t in this plan so I would be cautious with it, but starting at the back (as I think we already traded posts about?) is the way to go, in my opinion. When my kids were younger (5) they liked the driving school, now at 8 & 10, they are bored with it. The new horse ride in the friends area was fun.

We were there several years ago. LOVED it. I didn’t want to go (Why would you go there when you could go to WDW). However it was the perfect way to ease into the vacation. Smaller park and much more manageable with little ones. I found it to be clean, friendly and a bit more layed back. I would agree - do the driving / flying schools first. I remember going there as a kid when it was Cypress Gardens (BORING - HA). They have done a nice job with it. Check out to get discounts. It is out in the middle of nowhere though - but well worth it.

I can’t remember if we traded messages about the hotel? It is new. I have not stayed there… I hadn’t really checked it out, but we were in the lobby this trip. My 8 year old was in love. he desperately wanted to stay there. If we had been on a longer trip, I would have spent a night there. Its a dream for lego loving boys in the 5 -8 age range. gives you an earlier entry to the park too I believe. something to consider.

Mine totally want to stay at the hotel as well; just wouldn’t be cost effective to switch hotels for a day. Hopefully they can get their fill just walking through it!